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Our USB Phone FAQs

1. How to Use Your USB Phone and Speakers at the Same Time

Left to its own devices, Windows will normally choose the last USB audio device you plugged into your computer as the default audio device for your whole system. But you may want to use your USB phone for Skype audio only, while using your computer's speakers for music and other non-skype audio. We recommend specifically selecting the USB device(phone, adapter, headset) you want to use for Skype conversations, separate from your default Windows audio device(typically your sound card): In Windows --> Control Panel --> Sounds and Audio Devices --> Audio --> Sound playback, select your sound card as Default device.In Skype --> Tools --> Options --> Sound Devices, select "USB Audio Device" for Audio in and Audio out.For detailed instructions, see Skype Sound Device Settings(Windows).

2. Which Skype phones and accessories work with Mac OS X?

We have a section devoted to Mac OS X compatible Skype phones.

3. Can I use a USB Adapter without a landline connection?

Yes, you can use the USB-RJ11 Adapter without connecting it to a landline. This is useful if you don't have a landline but want to use a regular phone to make and receive Skype calls. See SkypeMate Settings for instructions. When you use the Adapter for Skype calling only, you won't need to press * to switch calling modes, you will be in Skype mode when you pick up the phone.The AU-600 Gateway also will work without a landline connection. It automatically selects either POTS or USB as the default calling mode.

4. Why am I hearing an echo on Skype calls?

Echo is often caused by feedback from the other party's speaker/microphone. See Echo and Sound-Quality Problems page for solutions.

5. Can I connect a USB Phone/Adapter through an unpowered USB hub?

Usually not. Most USB phones and adapters require more power than an unpowered USB hub provides. We recommend connecting the phone to a USB port on the computer directly, or through a powered hub(a USB hub with its own AC power adapter). See USB Hubs troubleshooting page.

6. How can I make a test call?

You can test your Skype audio settings with Skype's Echo123 service. Call Skype ID: Echo123. See how to test Skype audio settings with Echo123 for details.

7. I use a VoIP service other than Skype. Which phones will work?

Many of our phones work with other VoIP services and softphones such as X-Lite, Yahoo Messenger, VoipBuster, etc. Go to the Non-Skype phone section to find the phones which are compatible with your VoIP service.

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