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Replacement Lenovo Chargers, Adapters, & Power Cords

Shop for a large selection of Lenovo AC adapters in 40W, 50W, 70W, 90W and 30W versions. We carry a selection of power cords with common tip sizes and most of our chargers range in output power from 19V to 19.5V. Shop for a replacement part or upgrade your Lenovo AC adapter for greater performance.

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Most laptops that use 65W chargers can safely be upgraded to 90W chargers for decreased charging time. A 90W Lenovo laptop charger will cut down on the time required to fully charge your computers battery, so you can go cord-free faster and more frequently than before.

When you notice your Lenovo laptop computer not charging like it used to, it may be time to consider a replacement charger. Our high-quality replacement parts are designed to fit your computer´s charging port just as well as the original chargers for a secure fit and reliable performance. A Lenovo power cord can also be used to power many models of IBM laptops. Check individual product pages for a list of compatible models or use our convenient search bar to find products that can be used with your computer.

Our laptop chargers are competitively priced and ship to your home for free. Our discount power cords allow you to get the high-quality laptop accessories you need at a fraction of the normal retail price. Shop now and give your computer the power it needs to meet your demands.