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HP Pavilion DV7 12-Cell Replacement Batteries


HP Pavilion DV7 laptop computers have been on laptop landscape since 2008 and are considered high quality machines. These laptops have good power, large screens and pretty good processing speeds. Battery life was also noted for being very good with the standard six-cell battery on board. DV7 owners who want longer charge times can purchase a 12-cell replacement battery from USB Phone World that is compatible with these laptops. Six-cell batteries can supply about three hours of life, in moderate use conditions, before needing to be connecting to the AC charger. Obviously, HP Pavilion DV7 12-cell batteries can provide double the life of the standard six-cell batteries allowing for ample computer time without needing to be near an AC outlet. Our extended life batteries for HP DV7 laptops are very high quality lithium ion units. They are guaranteed to perform beautifully on your laptop and the cost of these batteries is very reasonable. Buying these batteries in bulk will produce even more savings when the price-per-battery is taken into account. As savvy laptop users know, even the best batteries will eventually need to be replaced. Laptop batteries can have several years of life before they begin to lose their charge more rapidly than when new. Using a second DV7 12-cell battery as part of your everyday routine will also ensure that you can go 10 or 12 hours on batteries only when using your laptop.

In addition to prices well below retail and warranties of one to three years on these batteries, USB Phone World prides itself on providing quality customer service. There are several ways to reach us for your convenience if you have questions about our batteries or your order, and we have fast shipping and several shipping methods available.

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