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HP Pavilion DV2000/DV6000 6-Cell Replacement Battery


Entertainment rather the business computing is the primary job of HP Pavilion DV2000 and DV6000 series laptop computers. HP is known for producing high quality computers and one great thing about their collection is that the some of the same parts can be used on multiple incarnations of their products. In this case, batteries that are used on DV2000 laptops can also be installed in DV6000 machines. These laptops were introduced in 2006 and were touted for their extremely good performance and striking design. These laptops have covers and keyboard areas that are laminated with a scratch-resistant coating and the glossy cover has a unique wave design. Inside, the keyboard buttons are backlit, offering something unique in the world of laptop computers circa 2006. These laptops use HP Pavilion DV6000 six-cell lithium ion batteries that have voltages of 10.8V and a capacity of 4400mAh. One of the knocks reviewers gave these laptops concerned battery life. Battery life was considered “good” but not great considering these machines cost more than $1,000 when they debuted. Our replacement battery for the HP Pavilion DV2200 DV6000 DV2000 and DV6100 have been manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications and are fully compatible with these HP Pavilion systems. Since these laptops are considered entertainment computers rather than laptops for business, owners may choose keep use these laptops when connected to the AC charger rather than use battery power. If this is the case, battery life would not be an issue. However, if you want to increase the amount of computing time away from the AC charger, you should consider installing a 12-cell battery. Our 12-cell batteries are lithium ion units with voltages of 10.8V and capacities of 8800mAh.

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