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HP Pavilion DV1000 12-Cell Laptop Replacement Battery


HP Pavilion DV1000 laptop computers were designed primarily for multimedia uses such as watching DVDs, playing computer games and listening to MP3s. As a result, battery life is essential. The original batteries on these laptops were six-cell lithium ion batteries. If you want to extend battery times on these laptops, you should consider purchasing a 12-cell replacement battery from USB Phone World. Fully charged, these 12-cell batteries should provide about four hours of usage before you have to plug your laptop into an AC outlet. Our HP Pavilion DV1000 replacement batteries are fully compatible to the original batteries that came with these laptops and they are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Our 12-cell batteries are compatible with other HP Pavilion laptop models, including the DV4000 and DV5000 series offerings. Another good feature of these 12-cell batteries is that they can charge your laptop at will without needing to reduce the battery capacity to hold the charge.

When you purchase replacement batteries for your laptop computer, you need to use batteries that are exact matches to the original battery specifications, capacity size notwithstanding. The easiest way to ensure that the correct replacement battery has been selected is by having the original battery part number with you when you are choosing your new battery. All of our battery listings show compatible original battery part numbers and a list of compatible laptop models. If your part number appears in the list, the replacement battery that you are considering will work on your laptop. All of our batteries include a one year warranty, and you have the option of purchasing a three-year warranty on these batteries.

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