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HP Compaq 6720 6-Cell Replacement Batteries


Introduced in 2008, the HP Compaq 6720 laptop computers had many state-of-the-art features including dual-band wireless LAN antennas, a wireless on/off button with LED, a power button with LED and a touchpad with scroll zone. Years later, these features may seem routine but that does not mean the HP Compaq 6720 is a useful, obsolete machine. If properly maintained, these units still have plenty of life left in them. One easy way to maintain these laptops is by supplying a fresh HP 6720 battery for the device. USB Phone World has a replacement HP 6720 battery that is affordable, durable and perfect for these systems. The original primary batteries for these units were six-cell 47WHr lithium-ion batteries and the replacement batteries at USP Phone World have been designed to meet or exceed the OEM performance specifications of these batteries. In addition, HP laptop battery compatibility is 100 percent.

These six-cell HP Compaq batteries are designed to be easy to carry and flat in your laptop and when fully charged, they should provide around two hours of life without the AC charger. Since the HP Compaq 6720 battery costs much less at USB Phone World than retail, itís not a bad idea to purchase more than one battery per order for your laptop. If you have two fully charged batteries for example, you can have one installed on the laptop and the other safely stored in your laptop bag. When the first battery drains, you can simply install the second battery, giving you up to four hours of computer time without being tethered to an AC outlet. Wholesale buyers are also welcomed at USB Computer World with the existing low prices being reduced further based on the number of units purchased.

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