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Dell Latitude e6400 & Vostro M4400 Laptop Batteries -

You purchased the Dell Latitude E6400 laptop for its streamlined, lightweight construction, sharp display screen and fast processor, and its long-lasting interior battery was an added bonus. After countless hours of use, you may notice that the battery holds a charge for less time, that your laptop dies much more quickly than before and that you find yourself carrying your AC adapter with you wherever you go. If you’re constantly worrying about losing an important assignment or being stuck without a laptop because of a faulty or outdated battery, look no further than USB Phone World. We carry a high-quality selection of 100 percent compatible U844G for Dell Latitude E6400 series replacement laptop batteries available for prices that are much lower than the originals. Even beginner computer owners will find our convenient layout easy to navigate, with detailed specifications that list the exact dimensions, voltage and technology of each battery to ensure that you get exactly what you need for your laptop. If you’re searching for just one Dell Latitude E6400 high capacity battery for your own personal use, we have affordable prices on compatible batteries. For those looking to purchase a large quantity of Dell batteries, we also offer special bulk rates that allow you to save money the more items you order. Whatever your battery needs, USB Phone World has something to appease them. Because we understand how important the quality and performance of your laptop battery is, we include a 12-month warranty with every Dell replacement laptop battery purchase. For those looking for a bit of extra protection, 2- and 3-year warranties are also available for just a bit more. Keep your Dell Latitude laptop running just as long as you need it to with a brand new replacement battery from USB Phone World.

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