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Dell Inspiron 6400 E1505 Laptop Battery

Dell Inspiron 6400 E1505 Battery

Replacement computer batteries for older laptop models are often difficult to find or expensive when you do find them. At USB Phone World, we carry Dell laptop battery replacements for various models. Whether your original battery can no longer hold a charge or you need a spare so you can watch DVDs on a long flight and still have enough battery power when you arrive at your destination, our Dell 6400 E1505 M replacement batteries will fit the bill. These laptop batteries for the Dell Inspiron 1501, 1505, Dell Latitude and other models are made from high-performance Lithium-ion battery cells. They're designed to be perfect matches for the originals that were shipped with the computers, manufactured to meet and even exceed OEM specifications for reliability and durability. Our Dell 6400 E1505 M battery will improve your computer's performance, helping it load programs faster and connect to the internet more quickly. They'll also prevent any downtime that's due to having to stop and recharge your battery, as they're significantly longer lasting than those shipped from the factory. Even with the long lifespan of our Dell 6400 E1505 M batteries, there are things you can do (or not do) to extend the battery life even further. When operating on battery power, make full use of any automatic energy-saving settings, so that the computer powers down when not in use. You should also close any unused applications and turn off any scheduled tasks. Disconnect external device, dim the screen brightness and limit the use of programs such as computer games and DVD burning. Other tips for improving the overall life of your Dell laptop battery include keeping the battery safely stored away from excessive heat and moisture at a 40 percent charge. With lithium-based batteries, you should avoid full discharges, as it puts stress on the battery and might damage it. Instead, use the battery until it reaches 20-30 percent of its full capacity before recharging.

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