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Dell 6 Cell Studio 1535 Battery

Dell Li-ion 1535 Battery of 6 Cells

Our Dell 1535 M replacement batteries are less expensive than batteries ordered direct from the manufacturer and far superior to refurbished batteries. This is because all of our replacement computer batteries are newly manufactured to meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications and provides the correct voltage and current for high performance and safe operation. These Dell 1535 M batteries are rated at 11.1 V and 4400mAh. Whether you're looking to replace an old Dell Studio 1535 battery or interested in purchasing a Dell laptop battery as an extra for traveling or emergency situations, you'll appreciate the endurance and longevity of this battery. It's made from high-quality lithium-ion cells. Laptop batteries will degrade over time, and eventually will no longer hold a charge. You can slow down this process by storing batteries in a cool and dry place, with a 40 percent charge, when not in use. You should also calibrate the gauge to ensure a correct percentage reading during discharge. Ideally, this is done after approximately 30 discharge cycles, and involves a full charge, an almost full discharge and a full recharge. See your user's manual for complete instructions. If you're already experiencing loss of performance due to a failing battery, our replacement Dell 1535 M battery is a reliable and efficient solution. We have Dell laptop battery replacements for many styles of laptop and notebook computers. When you receive your new Dell laptop battery, there are steps you can take to extend the battery power while in use. Keep the screen as dim as possible, and shut down any programs that you aren't using. Discontinue any scheduled tasks, and unplug any peripherals including USB drives. Limit your use of multimedia applications such as DVD viewing, CD and DVD burning and computer games, as these can draw large amounts of energy from your battery.

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