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Dell Inspiron 1530 Extended Life Batteries

The standard 6-cell battery included in the popular Dell Inspiron laptop is a reliable, trusted option that lasts for hours of work or recreational use. After owning your laptop for some time, however, the included battery can easily become damaged, outdated or simply too small, no matter how well you care for it. If you’re looking to replace the battery in your Dell laptop but don’t want to pay the outrageous prices from the computer manufacturer, USB Phone World has just what you’ve been searching for. We create 100 percent compatible replacement Dell XPSM 1530 batteries that work in any Dell Inspiron 1530 computer, adding hours of battery life and efficient performance to your laptop. Though these high-quality batteries are made of the same materials and design as the originals, they are available for prices that won’t break your budget. USB Phone World carries a large variety of Dell Inspiron 1530 batteries, with the exact voltage, size and technology specifications conveniently listed. Even first time computer owners will have no trouble finding the perfect replacement battery for their computer needs, and with an included 12-month warranty you can feel secure in your purchase no matter what happens. For those looking to purchase a large quantity of Dell batteries, USB Phone World offers affordable bulk deals on purchases of more than one battery. If you’re a personal computer owner in need of just one replacement battery, we also price our individual batteries at a fraction of the cost of competitors’ prices. No matter your computer battery needs, USB Phone Word has a battery and a budget for everyone. When the included battery on your laptop starts to go, you may feel like your only option is to purchase an entire new computer. USB Phone World’s affordable selection of compatible Dell XPSM 1530 batteries will show you that replacing the battery is a simple, cost-efficient option to get your computer running like new again.

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