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6-Cell Primary Battery for Dell 1530

6-cell Primary Battery for Dell 1530

The Dell XPS M1530 was first released in 2008. If you're having trouble finding inexpensive Dell 1530 M replacement batteries, we have them here at USB Phone World. Buying batteries direct from the manufacturer can be expensive, and buying refurbished batteries can be a risky proposition. Our replacement computer batteries are high-quality, brand new batteries that are 100 percent compatible with the original Dell 1530 M batteries and are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications for performance, safety and durability. The 6-cell Dell 1530 M battery is a lithium-ion primary battery for the Dell XPS laptop, and is rated at 11.1V with 4400mAh capacity. This is the ideal Dell laptop battery to replace a dead or dying battery, so you can get working (or playing) again. Our Dell laptop battery replacements are also a good idea for those who are frequently away from their home or office. It's always a good idea to keep a spare battery on hand for special circumstances, such as a long flight or a client meeting "in the field" where a power outlet isn't available. To properly care for your replacement laptop battery, we suggest these important steps. Keep the battery away from excessive heat and humidity. Lithium-ion batteries are superior to the older nickel-cadmium type in that they have twice the energy density and a relatively low self-discharge. However, they can degrade over time, especially under high heat conditions. Keeping the battery stored in a cool place charged to 40 percent when not in use will reduce this aging effect. It is also recommended that you calibrate the gauge for optimal performance after approximately 30 discharge cycles. See your user's manual for instructions on how to do this.

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