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Dell Inspiron 1520 Battery 6-Cell

Dell Inspiron 1520 Battery 6-cell

USB Phone World brings you high-performance replacement computer batteries at the lowest prices. Our Dell 1520 M replacement batteries are not secondhand refurbished batteries, but rather brand new batteries that are manufactured to meet or surpass the original manufacturer's specifications. They offer exceptional stability, reliability and performance at a superb value. Rigorously tested, these lithium-ion 6-cell Dell laptop battery replacements will enhance the performance of your Dell Inspiron 1520, letting you load programs and access the Internet more quickly. Batteries can degrade over time and will eventually be unable to hold a charge. When that happens or if you want to have a spare that you can rely on for those times away from the office our Dell 1520 M batteries are exactly what you need. This inexpensive but powerful Dell laptop battery is rated at 11.1V with a capacity of 4400mAh. Milliampere hours is a measure of the amount of electrical current a batter can supply, multiplied by the number of hours it can run. The Dell 1520 M battery is a high performance, 6-cell battery that will typically give you 3-4 hours of battery life. You can maximize the life of your Dell laptop battery by following some important rules, such as dimming the screen as much as possible and closing any programs that you're not using. However, it is often stated that you should fully discharge a battery before charging it again. This was true in the case of nickel-based batteries, but not for lithium-based batteries. For these newer batteries, you should avoid full discharges, as it puts stress on the battery and might damage it. Instead, use the battery until it reaches 20-30 percent of its full capacity before recharging. It is better for lithium-based batteries to do more frequent charging. You should also calibrate the gauge, after 30 discharge cycles, for optimal performance.

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