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Apple A1281 Battery Replacement for Apple Pro 15

When shopping for software, memory upgrades, peripherals and other items for your MacBook, your Apple A1281 laptop battery is probably not something that immediately comes to mind. However, your battery is crucially important. Should you run out of battery power while you're working, there's a chance you could lose valuable data. If you're on a long flight or in the field and your battery runs out, you could lose work time and inconvenience your clients. If you travel frequently on business, you should always have a spare battery in case of an emergency. At USB Phone World, we carry Apple A1281 replacement batteries for the Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch computer. This is a heavy-duty premium 6-cell battery that uses lithium-polymer technology. Designed to meet OEM standards, our Apple A1281 battery has a long standby (sleep) time and an efficient recharging cycle. Compatible with the standard 6-cell battery that comes with many MacBook Pro 15 models, our Apple laptop battery replacements have 10.8 V of power and 4600mAh maximum storage capacity. We offer everyday low prices, and our customer service representatives are standing by to help you with any questions you might have about compatibility or other issues. Our Apple A1281 batteries are dependable and are tested to meet our high standards of safety and efficiency. It's helpful to have a spare battery around at all times for when you're on battery power longer than intended. Certain applications like DVD movie viewing and computer games can be very taxing on a battery. If you're on a flight and wish to watch movies but also need to get work done, one of our Apple laptop replacement batteries will give you peace of mind and ensure that your computer is ready for anything.

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