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Apple A1189 Laptop Battery Replacements

If you own an Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch computer, you'll know how important it is to keep the system maintained so it runs at its very best. This includes keeping a close eye on the battery and replacing it when necessary. If you notice your battery is no longer able to hold a full charge for very long, it's time to look into replacement computer batteries. At USB Phone World, we have top-quality Apple A1189 replacement batteries that meet or exceed the OEM specifications, and perform just as well as higher-priced originals. Our Apple A1189 batteries are rated at 10.8V and 6600mAh with lithium-polymer technology. This model has a long standby time and recharging cycle, and we have Apple laptop battery replacements at the best prices. For working extensively outside the office or aboard a plane, you'll want to make sure your apple laptop battery is in top condition. You should also have a spare for unexpected emergencies, such as a long layover. There are important tips to remember to conserve battery power, so you can keep your Apple A1189 battery running optimally for a long time. Your Energy Saver control panel has a default setting so that the screen will automatically dim when using only battery power. Do not change this unless absolutely necessary, and try dimming the screen even more to save power. If you're not connected to a network or the internet, turn off Airport Wireless and Bluetooth Wireless. Both of these consume battery power whether or not you're actually using them. Be sure to unplug any peripherals and close any applications that you aren't using. Eject CDs and DVDs that are not in use. Following these steps will prolong your A1189 battery life.

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