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Apple Macbook A1185 Battery Replacement

Our rechargeable Apple 1185 battery for the Apple MacBook is reliable and efficient. Our replacement computer batteries are manufactured with premium-quality components designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. If you're looking for an inexpensive Apple laptop battery that will give you the quality performance of the factory original, you've come to the right place. We guarantee that our Apple 1185 replacement batteries will fit your computer perfectly and give you worry-free operation. A strong, reliable battery is absolutely necessary if you spend time traveling by air on business or out in the field without access to a power outlet. Apple 1185 batteries are heavy-duty lithium-ion batteries that can be safely and effectively recharged for continued use. For getting the most out of your Apple laptop battery, we recommend the following. Avoid full discharges, as this puts stress on the battery and might damage it. Instead, use the battery until it reaches 20-30 percent of its full capacity before recharging. With the older nickel-based batteries, it was recommended that you fully discharge and then recharge for maximum performance. This is not the case for lithium-based batteries, which benefit from more frequent charging. Keep all batteries away from excessive heat, direct sunlight and moisture, as these are conditions which may cause the battery to lose its charge. Proper storage and care of your Apple A1185 batteries will ensure that they perform optimally for a long time. At USB Phone World, we offer our customers the lowest prices and personalized service. Your 100 percent satisfaction is guaranteed. See our listings for replacement batteries for many top-name brands. If you have any question as to the compatibility of any of our batteries with your particular model of computer, feel free to call us and our customer service representative will be happy to help you.

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