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Apple Replacement A1175 Battery for macbook pro 15

Don't take the chance of losing important data because your Apple laptop battery runs out of juice. At USB Phone World, we have high-performance Apple 1175 replacement batteries for the lowest prices. These replacement computer batteries are specifically made for the MacBook Pro 15-Inch computer. Our Apple 1175 batteries are composed of top-grade cells for maximum performance and durability. This means you'll get the longest run time and cycle life possible. We stock Apple laptop battery replacements for MacBook, MacBook Pro and PowerBook. We also offer replacement computer batteries for other top brands. Apple has several recommendations to increase the life of your Apple 1175 battery. These tips involve using your Apple notebook computer wisely and efficiently. The Energy Saver control panel is automatically set to dim the screen when solely on battery power. Changing this setting to increase your performance will have an effect on your battery, draining it more quickly. When using your computer unplugged and relying on the battery, keep your screen as dim as possible. If you're on a plane with lights turned out, you might not need to have the computer at maximum brightness. If you're not using the internet or connected to a network, you can turn off AirPort Wireless and Bluetooth Wireless in the control panel, which will help you save power. Both of these consume battery power, whether or not you're actually using them. When using your computer with a battery only, be sure to unplug peripherals and close applications that you arenít using. Eject any DVDs and CDs not in use. All these steps will help conserve power and give you longer A1175 battery life on each charge.

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