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Apple A1175 Laptop Battery for the MacBook Pro 15-Inch

Apple A1175 Laptop Battery

Whether you use your laptop occasionally for work, or you're a power user playing graphics-intensive 3D games, processing video and burning CDs and DVDs, your Apple laptop battery is an important and often overlooked system component. The sudden, unexpected failure of a battery can result in lost work time or even lost data. At USB Phone World, we carry a full line of replacement computer batteries, including the Apple 1175 G battery for the 15-inch MacBook Pro. Our high-performance rechargeable lithium-polymer battery is manufactured to meet or surpass OEM specifications, and is identical to the original battery that was shipped with your laptop. This means it's ideal as a replacement battery or a spare to have on hand for long flights and extended time away from the office. Our Apple 1175 G replacement batteries have the same power, speed and exceptional standby time and recharge cycle as the originals. We also give you the best customer service in the business, with representatives on hand to answer any questions. There are important tips to remember to keep your Apple 1175 G batteries working optimally. When not in your computer, always store them away from excessive heat and moisture, and place them where they won't accidentally be hit or nicked. When the laptop is not in use or you know you'll be plugged in for an extended time, removing your Apple laptop battery replacements and storing them safely will extend the battery life. While in use, there are also energy-saving measures you can practice, such as keeping the screen dimmed as much as possible, making use of the built-in Energy Saver features in the control panel, closing any applications you're not using and turning off AirPort and Bluetooth when not in use. These measures will go far to keep your battery fully operational for the maximum possible time.

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