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AC Adapter PA3153 for Toshiba 1405-S152 Satellite m35-s456
AC Adapter PA3153 for Toshiba 1405-S152 Satellite m35-s456

AC Adapter PA3153 for Toshiba 1405-S152 Satellite m35-s456

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Item # LATS75W155B48
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Replacement AC Adapter PA3153 for Toshiba satellite series
OEM/Original version of this product also available at the following link:

Product Description

Toshiba Compatible PA3153 Laptop Charger for Toshiba Satellite 75W (15V, 5A)

Life is filled with various turning points and your Toshiba laptop computer will have a bright future after changing with this compatible 75W PA3153 AC adapter. Therefore, please turn to this product if you are going to have an amazing turning point in USB Phone World.

What will be changed with this AC adapter compared to the old power supply?

First of all, the profits are come from the laptop charger itself. A dirty electronic device usually won’t perform so well in mains frequency even if it may have a very high value in specifications. Furthermore, its work temperature can be higher than other versions thanks to the dust stored inside the capacitor.

Moreover, this compatible Toshiba charger is still not the loser in terms of output power. We have acknowledged that 15V output voltage and 5A electric current are based on the requirements of system running rate by the suitable transformer and protection circuit nominal values. Obviously, this version is not only powerful in specifications but can keep stably with such a value.

In the end, we have supplied this 75W PA3153 AC adapter a very forceful warranty, distinct from one year and three years. Users can select according to your own demands.


AC Adapter PA3153 for Toshiba 1405-S152 Satellite m35-s456

Price: $79.00 $14.95, 2/$28.40, 5/$69.52, 10/$134.55, 100/$1,270.75Discount: 81%AC Cord: