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6-Cell Sony VGP-BPS9A Laptop Battery for Sony vgn-cr4000 - Sliver
6-Cell Sony VGP-BPS9A Laptop Battery for Sony vgn-cr4000 - Sliver

6-Cell Sony VGP-BPS9A Laptop Battery for Sony vgn-cr4000 - Sliver

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6-Cell Sony VGP-BPS9A Laptop Battery for Sony Vaio series - Sliver
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Sony Vaio CR4000 laptops come in a variety of colors including black, blue, green, fuchsia and silver. If you have the silver model and need a replacement battery, USB Phone World has six-cell batteries available that match the silver exterior of the laptop shell. These batteries, item number LBSNBS9S7, are priced much lower than retail and manufactured to be 100 percent OEM compatible. The original batteries on Sony Vaio laptops have tested out as being average to below average in reviews of these computers, with charge times under three hours when the computer settings were at their most conservative. Many laptop users would prefer to have more battery charge time for their laptops because being forced to plug in to an AC outlet tends to defeat the purpose of having a portable computer. The Sony VGP BPS9/s replacement batteries at USB Phone World are manufactured using new lithium technologies resulting in a higher quality battery than the original batteries. USB Phone World batteries are made using premium type A battery cells that provide stable and reliable battery power for your Sony Vaio and our batteries will last 30 percent to 50 percent longer than most cheap batteries on the market. Our replacement OEM batteries are also guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

These six-cell lithium ion batteries are rated at 11.1V and have a capacity of 5200mAh/49Wh. The low prices on these batteries at USB Phone World include a 12-month warranty on these cells and customers can purchase three-year warranties for a low price. These batteries are compatible with a long list of Sony Vaio laptops. The product descriptions for all of our batteries include a list of compatible laptop models to help you make the correct decision when it comes to choosing a new replacement battery for your device. If the part number of your original battery or laptop is not listed, the replacement battery may still fit your model so you can contact USB Phone World to confirm compatibility. Our low prices and commitment to providing quality customer service has made USB Phone World a leading site for replacement laptop batteries.

6-Cell Sony VGP-BPS9A Laptop Battery for Sony vgn-cr4000 - Sliver

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