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Sony VGN-FZ Battery for -VGN-FZ-BATTERY for Sony Vaio pcg-394l

Sony VGN-FZ Battery for -VGN-FZ-BATTERY for Sony Vaio pcg-394l

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If you own a Sony Vaio laptop computer, there is a high probability that you need to replace the battery on this device, particularly if you bought the laptop new when it was introduced in 2007. All laptop batteries, regardless or quality, will eventually show signs of age as the charge times begin to drop. The key number to keep in mind as far as laptop batteries are concerned is discharge cycles. The higher number of discharge cycles that you can get out of a battery the better. Three hundred to 500 discharge cycles for a battery is alright but if you use precautions such as keeping the battery charged to 70 or 80 percent rather than 100 percent can allow for 1,000 to 2,000 discharge cycles. Even if you do everything possible to increase the amount of discharge cycles of your laptop battery, time will eventually take over. A six-year old laptop battery will need to be replaced. If your Sony Vaio FZ140E battery is original from 2007, you should look to replacing it with a new lithium ion battery from USB Phone World. Our six-cell lithium ion batteries are 100 percent OEM compatible and manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

You will undoubtedly experience longer battery charge times with a new replacement battery because these batteries are new and the technology used to manufacture these batteries is better than 2007. These six-cell PCG 3941 batteries are also very reasonably priced so it would not be a bad idea to purchase two

one for use as the primary battery and one available as a back-up cell. The price per unit is also lower as the number of units per order increases.

Sony VGN-FZ Battery for -VGN-FZ-BATTERY for Sony Vaio pcg-394l

Price: $129.95 $39.95Discount: 69%Warranty: