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Sony B-728 - BP-T18 Batteries for B728 for Sony Vaio vgn-fz18e

Sony B-728 - BP-T18 Batteries for B728 for Sony Vaio vgn-fz18e

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Sony B-728 - BP-T18 Batteries,B728
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Replacement batteries for your Sony Vaio FZ18E laptop are easy to find when your search USB Phone World. Our selection of six-cell lithium ion batteries for these older laptops is extensive and prices are very reasonable. Sony Vaio FZ18E laptops feature a 15.4-inch widescreen monitor, a dual core processor and enough hard drive space and RAM to make computing productive. These laptops also feature a Blu-ray drive for viewing high definition movies. All of these features bundled in a sharp, silver case made these laptops very popular when they were introduced in 2007. The one negative that consistently appears in reviews of these laptops is relatively poor battery life. The original battery on these laptops was a six-cell unit that held a charge for about two hours and 50 minutes in less than strenuous computing. Users found that although the laptops had a Blu-ray drive, they couldn’t watch a full Blue-ray movie while on battery power alone. USB Phone World has two remedies for the poor battery woes and they both involve buying replacement batteries. New six- and 12-cell lithium ion replacement batteries are available at USB Phone World at prices well below retail. These batteries have been manufactured using premium carbon lithium oxide and the latest lithium technology has been incorporated in these batteries. USB Phone World batteries are 100 percent OEM compatible and are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. As a result, replacing your original six-cell Sony Vaio FZ18E battery with a new, replacement six-cell battery will more than likely result in longer battery charge times, even enough to allow you to watch an entire Blu-ray disc. The six-cell batteries have a voltage of 11.1V and a capacity of 5200mAh/49Wh. Our 12-cell batteries also have a voltage of 11.1V but their capacity is 8800mAh/95Wh. These 12-cell batteries will give you many hours of computing time away from the AC outlet.Speaking of AC outlets, if you need to replace the original battery charger for your Sony Vaio laptop, USB Phone World has quality replacement Sony laptop chargers in stock. These AC adapters are guaranteed to work very well with your laptop.

Sony B-728 - BP-T18 Batteries for B728 for Sony Vaio vgn-fz18e

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