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Sony Replacement Laptop Battery FZ90S for Sony Vaio vgn-fz31z
Sony Replacement Laptop Battery FZ90S for Sony Vaio vgn-fz31z

Sony Replacement Laptop Battery FZ90S for Sony Vaio vgn-fz31z

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If you own a Sony Vaio FZ31Z laptop and need a replacement battery, USB Phone World has six-cell and 12-cell lithium ion batteries available at low prices. All of the batteries at USB Phone World are new and feature the longest standby time and recharging cycles of any lithium ion battery. The six-cell batteries are rated at 11.1V and have a capacity of 5200mAh. The battery life of the factory original cells is about 2 hours and since our replacement batteries are 100 percent OEM compatible and guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications, so you can expect to see longer battery life with these replacement cells. Sony Vaio laptop computers come in a cool silver color and these replacement batteries are also silver to match seamlessly with the cases of these laptops.

This series of Sony Vaio was introduced in 2008 and was acclaimed for its appearance due to the silver and chrome of the laptop and the sturdiness of the laptop despite the fact that these systems are not that heavy. Despite looking like a sleek business laptop, Sony Vaio FZ31Z computers were built has entertainment devices thanks to the fast processor, ample RAM and large hard drives available. These laptops also feature a Blue-ray drive which in 2008 was rare for a laptop. Admittedly, the battery life of the original factory cells was not great, particularly if you wanted to watch a Blue-ray movie. These factory six-cell batteries did not last long enough to get through the entire movie. Our replacement batteries are an improvement of the factory original cells and it may be a wide decision to have an extra replacement battery available if you plan on being away from an AC power sources for an extended period of time. Speaking of an AC source, if you need to purchase a Sony laptop charger for your Vaio, USB Phone World has an assortment of replacement OEM chargers available.

Sony Replacement Laptop Battery FZ90S for Sony Vaio vgn-fz31z

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