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Kingston ValueRAM memory - 4 GB - SO DIMM 204-pin - DDR3

Kingston ValueRAM memory - 4 GB - SO DIMM 204-pin - DDR3

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Item # LMKST-DDR3-4G-PC3-8500
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Kingston ValueRAM memory - 4 GB - SO DIMM 204-pin - DDR3

Product Description


Most laptop users are always working very hard to try to increase the effectiveness of their laptop computers by means of installing and upgrading a good laptop memory to their laptop computers, because they are fully aware of the importance of desktop systems to the operation of their laptop programs. But unfortunately some laptops refuse to trade on some DIMM memories. Therefore, we recommend users to consider buying the 4GB-SO DIMM 204-pin DDR3-memory which has been proved to refer to most types of laptops and help laptop programs to run far more smoothly than most other laptop memories. As it is common knowledge that the more memory your laptop has the better its programs are to function, your buying of this laptop memory will certainly be of great help to your laptop system.

Generally speaking, using 4GB DDR3 memory does your laptop system more good than using other laptop memories such as DDR or DDR2. Sometimes laptops can get more restricted to the installation of memory terms to the laptop system, but in 4GB DDR3 memory series, such restrictive phenomena are rare. Upgrading this laptop memory to your laptop is easy and will not take very long. More and more laptops are beginning to choose to use 4GB DDR3 memory, while a few computers are still using other kinds of memories. In comparison with other types of memories, this 4GB DDR3 memory excels them in quality, stability, terms of usage, and lifecycle, and its warranty is five years, perhaps longer than other memories. There will be free shipping of this product to your home and we offer customers refundable policy within a month.

  • Storage Capacity:4 GB
  • Upgrade Type:Generic
  • Type:DRAM
  • Technology:DDR3 SDRAM
  • Form Factor:SO DIMM 204-pin
  • Memory Speed:1066 MHz ( PC3-8500 )
  • Latency Timings:CL7
  • Data Integrity Check:Non-ECC
  • RAM Features:Unbuffered
  • Module Configuration:512 x 64
  • Supply Voltage:1.5 V
  • Lead Plating:Gold
  • Compatible Slots:1 x memory - SO DIMM 204-pin
  • Warranty:12 Months with option of 3 years warranty
  • Buy a 3-year Extended Warranty for your @ laptop battery,please follow this link
  • Service & Support: Austria and France - 10 years )

Kingston ValueRAM memory - 4 GB - SO DIMM 204-pin - DDR3

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