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Acer Laptop 5100 AC Adapter,Laptop-5100-AC-ADAPTER
Acer Laptop 5100 AC Adapter,Laptop-5100-AC-ADAPTER

Acer Laptop 5100 AC Adapter,Laptop-5100-AC-ADAPTER

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Acer Aspire 5100 AC Adapter,ASPIRE-5100-AC-ADAPTER
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Product Description


It is an Acer 65W Aspire, TravelMate laptop charger with 3-Prong US Power Cord. Even so, it can be compatible to any mains supply as it has an International switch mode 100V-240V. As long as you have got a worldwide outlet socket, you can connect the 3-prong power cord and charge your Acer Aspire and TravelMate computer.

Please keep the power cord clean in order to have a continuous good contact. The metal tip in particular, contacting with air will accelerate the speed of oxidization and the dust will increase its internal temperature due to more contaminations. This brand new 3-prong US power cord gives its dimensions to be 5.5mm and 1.5 mm.

As to this Acer AC adapter, 19V x 3.3.42A output voltage and Amp has completely accorded with Acer OEM manufacturer requirements. A brand new 65W Aspire / TravelMate laptop charger can be compared to the original one in performance.

Acer Laptop 5100 AC Adapter,Laptop-5100-AC-ADAPTER

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