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HP dv6500 Series Extended Life Battery

HP dv6500 Series Extended Life Battery

Retail Price:$139.95
Discount: 71%
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Item # HPDV2000HBI11
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HP dv6500 Series Extended Life Battery
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HP 293818-001, HP 411462-141, HP 417066-001, HP 411462-421, HP 417067-001, HP 432307-001, HP 411463-141, HP 432306-001, HP 411462-442, HP 411464-141, HP 436281-251, HP HSTNN-DB31, HP HSTNN-DB32, HP HSTNN-DB42, HP HSTNN-IB31, HP HSTNN-IB32, HP HSTNN-LB31, HP HSTNN-LB42, HP HSTNN-Q21C, HP HSTNN-Q33C, HP HSTNN-W20C

This high-capacity 12-cell HP EV089AA compatible laptop battery is compatible to many HP laptop models, including HP DV2000, DV6000, HP Compaq C700, V3000, Compaq Presario Notebook V6000Z Series and so on. As one of the best selling products, it can fit these laptops well and can be used as a cushion to increase your laptop ventilation. Thanks to the powerful internal structure and high technologies, this battery can not only extend the life time but can improve the laptop running rate and other performance to some extent. If you are about to enjoy the comfortable elevation of your notebook PC, this EV089AA HP battery is unmissable accessory to your laptop computers. And we provide users 1 year free warranty and 3 years extended warranty with only $39.95. USB Phone World powerful after sale service will add this battery more additional values.

This battery extends slightly from bottom of the unit, providing a comfortable elevation of your notebook PC.

HP dv6500 Series Extended Life Battery

Price: $139.95 $39.95Discount: 71%Warranty: