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120W AC Adapter 317188-001-c for HP pavilion ZX5000

120W AC Adapter 317188-001-c for HP pavilion ZX5000

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120W AC Adapter 317188-001-c for HP pavilion ZD7000 Presario 3000
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Product Description

Descriptions for 317188-001-c

In USB Phone World, many HP notebook computers have realized "miracle" of back to life for many time. Thanks to our high-performance laptop chargers and batteries, laptop computer can restart and be recharged by new installed power resources.

After all, 120W AC adapter 317188-001-c-c is available to supply much more power energy than the standard versions. Therefore, the motherboard can get enough forces even if users have installed many programs and additional functions in the Windows system. The improvement is obviously in the notebook computer while all the data can be saved in a very short time.

As long as the computer internal indicating tool hasn? been damaged, this laptop charger 317188-001-c-c can recharge the battery and other parts with stability and security power supplies without much internal resistances inside.

In addition, our HP laptop AC adapters are all worldwide compatible, this product is of 100V and 240V input voltage. It means HP users can take it to anywhere they like while each recharging circle process is steady and smoothly.


120W AC Adapter 317188-001-c for HP pavilion ZX5000

Price: $79.95 $24.97, 2/$47.44, 5/$116.11, 10/$224.73, 100/$2,122.45Discount: 69%