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9-cell 7200mAh HP Probook 4411 Series Laptop Battery NZ374aa


9-cell 7200mAh HP Probook 4411 Series Laptop Battery NZ374aa

Retail Price:$129.95
Discount: 72%
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Item # LBHP4411HB1
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9-cell 7200mAh HP Probook 4411 Series Laptop Battery NZ374aa

Product Description


HSTNN-OB90, 9cell high Quality rechargeable battery, compatible to many laptop models: ProBook 4411, ProBook 4412, ProBook 4413

This HSTNN-XB90 battery compatible to many HP laptop, such as: ProBook 4405, ProBook 4406 , ProBook 4410 and so on

ZP06047, 9 cells which replace the battery with 513128-361, 535806-001 and NZ374AA

Battery life can be 4-5 hours, which aslo can replacement for 4410t Mobile Thin Client

Its also have another version which rate at 10.8V/4800mAh with 6cells, if you need that battery, please search the key part number or contact with our service

  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 555g
  • Condition: New
  • Voltage: 10.8V
  • Capacity: 7200mAh
  • Technology: 9-cell lithium ion
  • Dimensions: 68.30 x 50.50 x 38.80 Length(mm)
  • Warranty: 12 Months with option of 3 years warranty
  • Buy a 3-year Extended Warranty for your laptop battery,  please follow this link
  • 100% OEM compatible, Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM
Compatible Part Number:
513128-251 572032-001 NBP6A158 535806-001 HSTNN-DB90 NBP6A158B1 513128-361 HSTNN-OB90
NZ374AA#ABA 513128-261 HSTNN-XB90 HSTNN-I61C-4 513128-321 HSTNN-I60C-4 ZP06 536418-001
NZ374AA ZP06047
Compatible Laptop Models:
  • 4410t Mobile Thin Client ProBook 4410s Series ProBook 4413s Series
  • ProBook 4405 Series ProBook 4411 Series ProBook 4415 Series
  • ProBook 4405s Series ProBook 4411s Series ProBook 4415s Series
  • ProBook 4406 Series ProBook 4412 Series ProBook 4416s Series
  • ProBook 4406s Series ProBook 4412s Series ProBook 4418 Series
  • ProBook 4410 Series ProBook 4413 Series ProBook 4418s Series

9-cell 7200mAh HP Probook 4411 Series Laptop Battery NZ374aa

Price: $129.95 $36.96Discount: 72%Warranty: