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HP Compaq 65W Laptop AC Adapters 463552-002
HP Compaq 65W Laptop AC Adapters 463552-002

HP Compaq 65W Laptop AC Adapters 463552-002

Retail Price:$59.95
Discount: 75%
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AC Cord: 
Item # LAHC18535B12-74mm
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HP Compaq 65W Laptop AC Adapters 463552-002

Product Description

Descriptions for 463552-002:

<p>Start small until you understand what you are doing and work your way up. Care more about the HP Compaq 65W laptop AC Adapters 463552-002 that you are interested in using and read up on panel design techniques. Basically the HP AC Adapters must be mounted inside a housing which has to be sealed from the elements to prevent dust and condensation from forming on the adapters which will reduce the power output severely. Ascertain exactly what your power requirements are. If you are designing for a specific device, read the label on your device or its power supply; this will specify the voltage and watts required to charge your device. If you are trying to design a charger for multiply devices, you must use the maximum voltage and wattage of the most power hungry device in your target group. It will require a sizable panel to charge multiple device simultaneously. If this is your goal, design the charger to produce 110 or 220, whichever is your normal power line voltage. Then just use the standard chargers and plug them into the panel - this will save you a lot of design time for making multiple d.c. voltages available for different devices, it will also give you more flexibility in adding future device.</p>

<p>For example, 12 watts/12 volts = 1 amp - so there is your design spec, you need to build a device that will output 12 volts - if you want to charge the device directly from the solar panel without using the HP power adaptor that came with your device, you also need to understand what sort of charge cycle your battery requires. Different battery chemistries require different charging techniques.</p>


HP Compaq 65W Laptop AC Adapters 463552-002

Price: $59.95 $14.95Discount: 75%AC Cord: