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Gateway Compatible 90W AC  Adapter 2522959

Gateway Compatible 90W AC Adapter 2522959

Retail Price:$59.95
Discount: 75%
Your Price:$14.95
AC Cord: 
Item # LAGW19474BGN7
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Compatible 90W Power Adapter 2522959 for Gateway Solo series
OEM/Original version of this product also available at the following link:

Product Description

Brand New Compatible Gateway Laptop Adapter 2522959 for Gateway notebook 90W 19V 4.74A

2522959 laptop charger in USB Phone World contains AC Adapter and Power Cord as a whole. This 90W Brand ac adapter can provide power energy to Gateway Series Notebook rapidly and smoothly with output power of 4.74A and 19V. Thanks to the switch inside, no matter where you are, only plugging the 5.5 mm barrel connector to outlet will your Gateway laptop gain enough electrical quantity from mains supply of any specifications from 100V to 240V. Yet can this 2522959 laptop charger provide power energy to other laptops in the list of Compatible laptop models. We have confidence that this Gateway AC adapter in USB Phone World must be your best choice with high cost performance and best service.

Gateway Compatible 90W AC Adapter 2522959

Price: $59.95 $14.95Discount: 75%AC Cord: