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Long Life Toshiba Laptop Batteries

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Toshiba Extended Life Batteries

Shop for a large selection of Toshiba extended life laptop batteries. Our powerful long life batteries are built with more cells than standard laptop batteries, allowing them to hold more power for longer on-the-go use. The batteries are the same size and shape as a standard Toshiba laptop battery so they fit perfectly into your machine´s battery compartment.

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12 Cell Toshiba Satellite L300 A505 Battery PA3727U-1BRS PA3535U-1BRS
Price: $129.95
9 cell Long life Toshiba Satellite A105 PA3399U-1BAS PA3400U-1BRS
Price: $129.95
$43.59, 2/$82.82, 5/$202.69, 10/$392.31, 100/$3,705.15
Toshiba Equium u400-146 9-cell PA3634U PA3817U PA3635U Battery
Price: $129.95
$48.99, 2/$93.08, 5/$227.80, 10/$440.91, 100/$4,164.15
PA3383U 1BRS Battery for Toshiba Satellite A70 P15-s409 14.8V 6600mAh
Price: $129.95
$48.19, 2/$91.56, 5/$224.08, 10/$433.71, 100/$4,096.15

Toshiba Primary 9 CELL Li-ion Battery PA3479U-1BRS For P100 P105
Price: $129.95
$43.59, 2/$82.82, 5/$202.69, 10/$392.31, 100/$3,705.15
PA3535U-1BRS Lithium Ion Battery for Toshiba A200 A205 A505 M205
Price: $129.95
$39.95, 2/$75.91, 5/$185.77, 10/$359.55, 100/$3,395.75
Toshiba Satellite U300-15k U305-s5087 PA3595U-1BRS Battery 6600mAh
Price: $129.95
$47.96, 2/$91.12, 5/$223.01, 10/$431.64, 100/$4,076.60

We offer a convenient look up system that makes it easy to find the right replacement battery for your computer. Simply enter your battery part number into the search bar and select a compatible part from the results. You can also browse our subcategories to find the battery you need. Compatible laptops are listed on each product page for reference.

Use your high capacity Toshiba battery to replace an old battery that won´t hold its charge or upgrade a smaller battery to an extended life battery that holds more power for longer use times. Our replacement high capacity batteries are easy to install and will make a dramatic impact on your machine´s usefulness. Use the batteries to replace your current components or keep one as a spare part.

Shop for the best selection of Toshiba extended life laptop batteries. Our incredible selection is value priced so you´ll always get the high-quality products you want at a reasonable price. Shop today and enjoy fast and free shipping right to your door.