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High Capacity IBM Laptop Batteries

Choose an IBM extended life laptop battery to dramatically increase your computer´s battery life between charges. The powerful batteries feature an increased number of internal cells to hold more power than standard laptop batteries. That means longer use times between charges for greater flexibility to use your computer whenever you want.

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Laptop Battery for IBM/ThinkPad X60 X60s Series
Price: $129.95
$31.36, 2/$59.58, 5/$145.82, 10/$282.24, 100/$2,665.60
40Y8317 Rechargeable Notebook Battery Lenovo N100 Series
Price: $129.95
$44.95, 2/$85.41, 5/$209.02, 10/$404.55, 100/$3,820.75
Laptop Battery 08K8192  for IBM ThinkPad T40 T41.
Price: $129.95
$35.94, 2/$68.29, 5/$167.12, 10/$323.46, 100/$3,054.90
40Y6799 Lenovo Thinkpad T60 Battery - T61 Lenovo 9 Cell Battery
Price: $129.95

Replacement for IBM ThinkPad Z60t, Z61t Series Laptop Battery
Price: $169.95
$31.99, 2/$60.78, 5/$148.75, 10/$287.91, 100/$2,719.15
IBM Lenovo LI-ION 8 Cell Battery For ThinkPad X60 Tablet
Price: $129.95
$31.07, 2/$59.03, 5/$144.48, 10/$279.63, 100/$2,640.95
9 Cell Laptop Battery 42T4513 for IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T61/R61 Series
Price: $129.95
$46.99, 2/$89.28, 5/$218.50, 10/$422.91, 100/$3,994.15

Each upgraded IBM laptop battery is designed to be the same size and shape as standard batteries. This allows them to integrate seamlessly into your machine´s design and to be contained entirely in the battery compartment. Use an extended 9 cell laptop battery in lieu of your standard battery for better performance and stamina.

Our convenient search tool makes finding the right battery replacement easier than ever. Simply input your IBM laptop battery part number and search for compatible products. You can also visit individual product pages for a list of laptop models that are suitable for use with the batteries.

Shop for the best selection of reliable and affordable laptop batteries. Choose an extended life battery replacement for your aged system or opt for an upgraded IBM battery on your new system to meet your needs. Our high-quality products and low prices make it easy and affordable to increase your computer´s battery life.