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1 GB Kingston ValueRAM Memory DDR of DIMM 184-pin

1 GB Kingston ValueRAM Memory DDR of DIMM 184-pin

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Item # DMKST-DDR-1G-PC2100
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Kingston ValueRAM memory - 1 GB - DIMM 184-pin - DDR

Product Description


This 1GB Kingston ValueRAM memory is responsible to upgrade the laptop system in running speed, memory capacity, and other additional requirements. As a first generation DDR version, it can not only fit many old desktop computers but is rated at 266 MHz in memory speed and be compatible to DIMM 184-pin socket very well.

Limited by desktop motherboard, DDR is unable to be exchanged by DDR2 while its actual work frequency is not so high. Even so, 266 MHz speed is high enough to those compatible computer models as it has adopted a basic way to transfer data by rise and down delay of the clock. That is to say, under the same work frequency, actual performance of DDR is usually doubled.

Taking advantage of DDR SDRAM technology, it is powerful enough to improve the bandwidth that can help desktop users to be adapted to the latest programs, software, games, external devices, other laptop accessories, new released system, motherboard and other relevant factors. After all, what this 1GB Kingston ValueRAM memory DDR can provide is more than its sales price and specifications. The good compatibility and contact are bound to be the guarantee for users to have more enjoyable work situations.

  • Storage Capacity:1 GB
  • Upgrade Type:Generic
  • Type:DRAM
  • Technology:DDR SDRAM
  • Form Factor:DIMM 184-pin
  • Memory Speed:266 MHz ( PC2100 )
  • Latency Timings:CL2.5
  • Data Integrity Check:ECC
  • RAM Features:Unbuffered
  • Compatible Slots:1 x memory - DIMM 184-pin
  • Warranty:12 Months with option of 3 years warranty
  • Buy a 3-year Extended Warranty for your @ laptop battery,please follow this link
  • Service & Support: Austria and France - 10 years )

1 GB Kingston ValueRAM Memory DDR of DIMM 184-pin

Price: $79.95 $19.97, 2/$37.94, 5/$92.86, 10/$179.73, 100/$1,697.45Discount: 75%