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Kingston ValueRAM memory - 4 GB : 2 x 2 GB - DIMM 240-pin - DDR3

Kingston ValueRAM memory - 4 GB : 2 x 2 GB - DIMM 240-pin - DDR3

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Discount: 65%
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Item # DMKST-DDR3-4G-PC3-10600-2
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Kingston ValueRAM memory - 4 GB : 2 x 2 GB - DIMM 240-pin - DDR3

Product Description


1333 MHz high-rate 4 GB (2 x 2 GB) Kingston ValueRAM DDR3 memory is available in USB Phone World that is a high-end additional memory product as to desktop computer customers. No matter where you are from and who you are, it is a high cost performance device that can be installed into main desktop computer easily by yourself.

In fact, Kingston internal memory is well known in the market that can supply users with powerful functions and better performance. To figure out if your Kingston products are brand new and original, some tips and details are significantly, including anti-fake label, specifications label, color, structure, appearance accuracy, memory test particles and so on. Although they may be ignored solely, if we have compared them from each other, the difference is obviously.

In addition, as a powerful brand new OEM Kingston ValueRAM DDR3 memory, we have also had 5-year free warranty to all of customers that are the reliable guarantee for users to feel easy to purchase this high-end new internal desktop memory product. Just as 100% satisfaction logo we have, all of the memories we provide are of the highest performance after selecting carefully by our workmen.

  • Storage Capacity:4 GB : 2 x 2 GB
  • Upgrade Type:Generic
  • Type:DRAM
  • Technology:DDR3 SDRAM
  • Form Factor:DIMM 240-pin
  • Module Height (inch):1.18
  • Memory Speed:1333 MHz ( PC3-10600 )
  • Latency Timings:CL9 ( 9-9-9 )
  • Data Integrity Check:Non-ECC
  • RAM Features:Unbuffered
  • Module Configuration:256 x 64
  • Chips Organization:128 x 8
  • Supply Voltage:1.5 V
  • Lead Plating:Gold
  • Compatible Slots:2 x memory - DIMM 240-pin
  • Warranty:12 Months with option of 3 years warranty
  • Buy a 3-year Extended Warranty for your @ laptop battery,please follow this link
  • Service & Support: Austria and France - 10 years )

Kingston ValueRAM memory - 4 GB : 2 x 2 GB - DIMM 240-pin - DDR3

Price: $169.96 $59.00Discount: 65%