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Dell KT2MG Power Supply AC Adapter 65 Watt

Dell KT2MG Power Supply AC Adapter 65 Watt

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Replacement 65W Dell Slim charger CF823 19.5V 3.34A PA-2E Family
OEM/Original version of this product also available at the following link:

Product Description

Dell Replacement 65W Slim Laptop AC Adapter CF823 for PA-2E Family(19.5V 3.34A)

65W Dell Slim charger CF823 is usually regarded as an accessory power appliance for Dell Inspiron and XPS series. But nowadays, it seems to have some disputes about it. Some insiders have discussed if AC adapter serves laptop computer or vice versa? Absolutely, it is hard to answer if you have known about the dual influence and internal structure. As is known to all, the motherboard has the functions to receive and allocate the power energy. So to that extent, without the help of notebook computer, laptop charger just cannot play normally. On the contrary, without a high-quality adapter of 19.5V output voltage, no Inspiron or XPS model can start and run stably. For this reason, USB Phone World has learned about the importance of interaction. Without our high-quality customers, USB Phone World is unable to develop as fast as we have had. And we should repay with the sincerity in our products and after-sale service.


Dell KT2MG Power Supply AC Adapter 65 Watt

Price: $59.95 $29.94, 2/$56.89, 5/$139.22, 10/$269.46, 100/$2,544.90Discount: 50%