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PA-21 65W Dell XPS 13 Charger PA-1650-02DW-2 PA-21 Family

PA-21 65W Dell XPS 13 Charger PA-1650-02DW-2 PA-21 Family

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Replacement 65W Dell XPS charger PA-1650-02DW-2 PA-21 Family
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Product Description


This is a whole laptop charger PA-1650-02DW-2 for Dell with power adapter and cables. In the package, you can find that all of them are separated them from each other with several packs. Thereby, both the adapter and power cord can perform well thanks to the clean storage environment. Actually, if you are not going to use it frequently, we recommend you can store them like that in a cool and dry place. As a whole product, USB Phone World is careful about all the connection interface of adapter, power cord and plug. After all, good cooperation can make these parts have higher performance and better compatibility. 65W Dell laptop AC adapter is one of the most popular devices in the industry while please don? mix up the old and new ones. Otherwise, both of them may be hurt and damaged seriously. Think about proper storage, activation and usage method and yield the greatest returns on investment.

PA-21 65W Dell XPS 13 Charger PA-1650-02DW-2 PA-21 Family

Price: $59.95 $16.99, 2/$32.28, 5/$79.00, 10/$152.91, 100/$1,444.15Discount: 72%