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Long life Dell E5400 Replacement Battery 7200mAh- KM752
Long life Dell E5400 Replacement Battery 7200mAh- KM752

Long life Dell E5400 Replacement Battery 7200mAh- KM752

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Long life Dell E5400 Replacement Battery 7200mAh- KM752
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Brand New Replacement Dell Laptop Battery Long Life KM742 for Dell E5400 Series - 11.1V 7200mAH

Brand new compatible Dell E5400 Series laptop battery is on display in USB Phone World, whose part numbers include 312-0762, 312-0769, 312-0902, KM742, KM752, KM769, MT186 and so on. Rated at 11.1V and 7200mAh, li-ion Dell e5400 laptop battery can provide enough standby time and recharging cycles. Meanwhile, this laptop battery is also feasible to work on Dell E5500 Series, Dell E5410 Series, Dell E5510 Series due to its perfect compatibility. Dell E5400 laptop battery installed with premium Grade A 6 cells has met strict examination in security and stability before leaving the factory.

If it is your first visit to USB Phone World, please check the specifications carefully. Usually, except for 9-cell ones, other sorts of cell quantity are available here to satisfy your needs for the Dell e5400 series battery. We recommend you to charge and discharge your Dell E5400 Dell E5500 laptop battery at least three times at first use, while activation is necessary at least once every three months. Based on a whole year warranty, you can feel free to contact us whenever there? any problem in daily use.

As the best resource for Dell laptop batteries, USB Phone World provides a compatible Li-ion KM742 Battery that is strictly designed and tested in all corners. In terms of size, it fits the laptop motherland well so that it has good contact and stable performance. And we believe you can figure out if this laptop battery is suitable to your Dell computer by checking in the following laptop models list.

Long life Dell E5400 Replacement Battery 7200mAh- KM752

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