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B-5668-AZ25665 6-cell Dell KM771 Battery Lithium-ion Version

B-5668-AZ25665 6-cell Dell KM771 Battery Lithium-ion Version

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Discount: 82%
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Item # LBDEE5400GM2
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Dell KM771 Battery,B-5668-AZ25665
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Product Description

Brand New 6 cell Replacement Dell Laptop Battery KM760 for Latitude E5400, E5410, E5500, E5510.

B-5668-AZ25665, as one of the most appropriate Dell Latitude E5400 E5410 batteries, has benefited a great number of users since the day it has received the industrial certification and left the factory. It is fortunately that United Battery has all sorts of versions for users like 9-cell and 6-cell versions that can meet the increasing demands. Actually, it is of great significant for users to get a Dell KM771 battery with output voltage of 11.1V and electric current of 4.4A to complete a class, a conference or a game. After all, in some cases, external power supply is not available or there? no suitable outlet or mains supply. It should depend on a high-quality battery replacement to complete or look for the files in laptop computers. Otherwise, the projects are possible to be influenced to some extent.
Of course, if you treat it as a backup while you won? use it frequently, we recommend users to store it solely in a cool and dry place and then to activate this Dell KM771 battery B-5668-AZ25665 by charging and discharging before and after work. It can not only get you rid of memory effect but can extend the battery life effectively. In this way, your Dell Latitude E5400 E5410 laptops can make your life and work more enjoyably and efficiently.

B-5668-AZ25665 6-cell Dell KM771 Battery Lithium-ion Version

Price: $129.95 $23.95Discount: 82%Warranty: