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Dell MT332 Battery DQ-KM742-6 for Dell Latitude E5400 E5410

Dell MT332 Battery DQ-KM742-6 for Dell Latitude E5400 E5410

Retail Price:$129.95
Discount: 82%
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Item # LBDEE5400GM3
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Dell MT332 Battery,B-5668-AZ25661
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Product Description

Brand New 6 cell Replacement Dell Laptop Battery KM760 for Latitude E5400, E5410, E5500, E5510.

Dell MT332 battery replacement B-5668-AZ25661 is going to be a necessary product in our daily life gradually. As to those who need more power energy, it can help users to gain back more battery capacity. After all, a brand new battery can serve Dell Latitude E5400 E5410 and other compatible laptop models steadily for about 3 years if it is used normally. If you haven? lost or purchased a used Dell Latitude notebook, this 6-cell lithium ion battery B-5668-AZ25661 of 11.1V and 4400mAh is a standard qualified backup to supply enough power energy to support. As long as you have plugged it in, we will figure out that is can be adapted to the new work condition very rapidly with good compatibility with computer BIOS and good interface to connect with motherland laptop well.
As far as standby time is concerned, users can enjoy the performance the same as the original versions played at early times. Although it will also be weaker and weaker step by step, the high-end primary materials and precise internal circuits are able to reduce this aging speed. With enough power of 11.1V and 4400mAh, motherboard and internal memory can run smoothly to support the external devices or other programs even though the external AC adapter is unplugged.

Dell MT332 Battery DQ-KM742-6 for Dell Latitude E5400 E5410

Price: $129.95 $23.95Discount: 82%Warranty: