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Dell DA130PE1-00 130W AC Adapter for Dell  5150 5160 1501

Dell DA130PE1-00 130W AC Adapter for Dell 5150 5160 1501

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Discount: 68%
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Dell Ac Adapter DA130PE1-00 for Dell Inspiron 5150 5160 Dell XPS PA-13
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Product Description

When you have your laptop plugged in, you might assume your laptop is performing at its best since itís not relying on battery power. However, the Dell AC adapter DA130PE1-100 can actually help your laptop to use energy more efficiently and, therefore, perform better on an everyday basis. Just like your battery, your Dell laptop charger DA130PE1-100 slowly wears out over time. When your computer starts to perform poorly even when your Dell AC adapter DA130PE1-100 and power cord are plugged in, itís time to upgrade to a newer model. The Dell laptop charger DA130PE1-100 is an excellent choice since itís efficient, lightweight and compatible with a wide range of Dell models. This charger also comes with an amazing 12-month warranty to ensure that you get your moneyís worth on this affordable product. The Dell AC adapter DA130PE1-100 is compatible with a number of popular laptops, including most Dell Inspiron, Latitude, Precision and Mobile XPS models.

Dell DA130PE1-00 130W AC Adapter for Dell 5150 5160 1501

Price: $79.95 $25.95, 2/$49.31, 5/$120.67, 10/$233.55, 100/$2,205.75Discount: 68%AC Cord: