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Dell 0FK890 laptop battery for Dell 1520
Dell 0FK890 laptop battery for Dell 1520

Dell 0FK890 laptop battery for Dell 1520

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Discount: 82%
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Item # LBDE1520BG6
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Dell 0FK890 laptop battery for Dell 1520
High Capacity version of this product also available at the following link:

Product Description

Product Description:

Normally, when customer are choosing the right battery, besides using the laptop model itself to search, another efficient way to pick the right compatible battery is searching by old batter's part number. 0FK890 is one of the compatible battery part number which is work for the Dell Laptop Models such as Dell Inspiron 1520, Dell Inspiron 1720, Dell Vostro 1500, and Dell Vostro 1700. As the popular compatible battery that USBPHONEWORLD offer, our 0FK890 is totally the best choice for those users who would like to get good quality compatible battery with the lower price. This battery is 6-cell lithium battery, with the output rating 11.1V and 4400 mAh capacity. It provides two to three hours usage time and has a average two years life time. We guarantee that our compatible battery is 100% compatible and meet the all the specifications of the original battery. We also have the one year free warranty which adds additional value to this compatible battery.

This battery also compatible a lot of other part numbers, please check the compatible part number list for the further information.

If you would like to get a longer usage time battery, we have the 9-cell version for this compatible battery.

Dell 0FK890 laptop battery for Dell 1520

Price: $129.95 $23.95Discount: 82%Warranty: