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Smart convert for HP adapter 7.4mm to 4.8mm


AC power adapter is the life support of the laptop. It is not only charge your laptop battery but also can work alone for your laptop without the battery installed. For those HP laptop models, there is a lot of different kinds of the AC adapters that can provide a stable working environment. The output watt of these adapter is between 65W to 120W. Normally, for the home use laptops, the 65W adapter is enough but the 90W adapter can charge the battery faster than the 65W one. However, not all the HP laptops are able to use the 90W adapter because different adapters alse have different tip size. Some are 4.8mm and others are 7.4mm tip. Now, USBPHONEWORLD has a smart tip conventer which is easily change the 7.4mm to 4.8mm tip size by attaching the end of your old 7.4mm tip adapter. This feature can help users a lot. It is simply eaque to two different adapters which can meet more HP laptops input request. Before you decide to buy, please confirm the tip size of the adapter you are using now and make the right choice to get the correct AC adapter smart tip converter.

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