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Replacement Laptop Chargers & Power Adapters

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If you need a new charger for your computer or laptop, find the replacement you require at USB Phone World. They have A/C adapters for a wide variety of computers and laptops at the lowest possible prices. So, if you need a power cord for your Acer, Apple, HP, Dell, Compaq, IBM, Sony or Toshiba computer, you can get great deals on top-quality chargers. These power cords are backed by a full one-year warranty and customers have the option of paying for a three-year extended warranty. There¡¯s always a 30-day money-back guarantee, and your purchase usually ships the same business day. Whether you need to replace an A/C adapter in an older notebook, or you require a charger for an expensive new laptop, you can find what you need. You must have a compatible charger that fits your machine exactly, as chargers designed for other computers can be dangerous.

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USB Phone World offers discounted A/C adapters for some of the most popular computers on the market. You might need a 90W adapter for your Dell Inspiron, or you could need a 19.5V, 4.7A 90W charger for your Sony Vaio laptop. All chargers are reliable and dependable, and customers will appreciate fast shipping and guaranteed quality. If you need a little assistance with your shopping, the site provides you with helpful information and product details. Always be sure to get the model number from your computer, so you can be certain of making the correct purchase. You can select from a wide variety of chargers, ranging from 30W to 130W, and they¡¯re all thoroughly tested before going up for sale.

With a great selection and prices that are well below regular retail, USB Phone World is your destination for replacement chargers. An old or defective power cord can be harmful to the computer, and all A/C adapters eventually start to die. Make sure you keep your laptop or computer operating at maximum efficiency and grab a new charger today.