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36W ASUS Eee PC Series Netbook Charger

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36W ASUS Eee PC Series Netbook Charger

36W ASUS Eee PC Series Netbook Charger 123

UL certified and manufactured by USB Phone World, this ASUS Eee PC Netbook charger is 100 percent guaranteed to meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications and function exactly like the brand name ASUS Eee PC AC Adapter. This part is an excellent, completely compatible charger for Eee PC T9, EPC-1000HE.

Product Features:

• Model Number: ADP-36EH

• Power: 36W

• Condition: New

• Color: Black

• Dimensions: 195.0 mm x100.0 mm x30.0 mm

• Weight: 240 g (8.5 oz)

• Round barrel connector: external diameter 1.7

mm, internal diameter 4.8 mm

• Input: AC100-240V (Worldwide Use)

• Output: DC12V 3A

• Outlet Required: 2-Prong

• LED power indicator

• Automatic output short circuit shutdown

• Automatic shutdown for internal overheating

• Automatic shutdown for low input voltage

• Compact and lightweight design

• Twelve month warranty with three year warranty


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