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Canon NB-4L Battery Charger CB-2LVG
Canon NB-4L Battery Charger CB-2LVG

Canon NB-4L Battery Charger CB-2LVG

Retail Price:$129.95
Discount: 94%
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Item # NB-4L-CHGR
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Canon NB-4L battery Charger - NB-4L
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Product Description


Cheap Brand New Canon Nb-4l Battery Charger For Canon Nb-4l Rechargeable Battery

Canon nb-4l charger have a good compatibility with NB-4L digital battery. It can be used for Car, home and office. This NB-4L canon camera battery charger also comes with european plug. If you dont need it, then you can put back in the box, can use the simple charger only.

Compatible Part Number:
Compatible Laptop Models:
  • Canon Powershot SD-Series/Digital
  • Canon Powershot ELPH SD940 IS
  • Canon Powershot SD1000
  • Canon Powershot SD1100 IS
  • Canon Powershot SD200
  • Canon Powershot SD300
  • Canon Powershot SD400
  • Canon Powershot SD430
  • Canon Powershot SD450
  • Canon Powershot SD600
  • Canon Powershot SD630
  • Canon Powershot SD750
  • Canon Powershot SD780 IS
  • Canon Powershot SD1100IS
  • Canon Powershot SD960IS
  • Canon Digital IXUS 30
  • Canon Digital IXUS 40
  • Canon Digital IXUS 50
  • Canon Digital IXUS 55
  • Canon Digital IXUS 60
  • Canon Digital IXUS 65
  • Canon Digital IXUS 70
  • Canon Digital IXUS 75
  • Canon Digital IXUS 80 IS
  • Canon IXY Digital 55

Canon NB-4L Battery Charger CB-2LVG

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