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9200A001 Lithium ion Battery for Canon Camera BP-511

9200A001 Lithium ion Battery for Canon Camera BP-511

Retail Price:$59.95
Discount: 85%
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Item # 9200A001
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9200A001 Lithium ion Battery for Canon Camera

Product Description

The 9200A001AA Battery Pack from Canon provides continuous, reliable power to your digital camera or camcorder. It is meant for use with Canon EOS Rebel / PowerShot G2/G3/G5/Pro 1/Pro 90 IS Digital Cameras and Optura Pi Camcorder.

   Compatible Parts Number for 9200A001AA:

  • 9200A001AA

Specifications for 9200A001AA

  • Li-ion 7.4v 1500 mAh

  • Condition: New

  • Warranty: 12 Months with option of 3 years warranty for only $39.95

  • 100% OEM compatible, Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications

  • Color: Black

 Compatible Cannon Models for 9200A001AA:

Canon EOS-10D

Canon EOS-20D

Canon EOS-30D

Canon EOS-300D

Canon EOS-40D

Canon EOS-5D

Canon EOS-50D

Canon EOS-D30

Canon EOS-D300

Canon EOS-D60

Canon EOS-Digital REBEL


Canon EOS-KISS Digital

Canon FV10

Canon FV100

Canon FV200

Canon FV30

Canon FV300

Canon FV40

Canon FV400

Canon FV50

Canon FVM1

Canon FVM10

Canon PowerShot G1

Canon PowerShot G2

Canon PowerShot G3

Canon PowerShot G5

Canon PowerShot G6


Canon MV X1i

Canon MV X3i

Canon MV100x

Canon MV100xi

Canon MV-30

Canon MV300

Canon MV300I

Canon MV400

Canon MV400i

Canon MV430i

Canon MV450i

Canon MV-430IMC

Canon MV500

Canon MV500i

Canon MV530i

Canon MV550i

Canon MV600

Canon MV600i

Canon MV630i

Canon MV650i

Canon MV700

Canon MV700I

Canon MV750I

Canon MVX100i

Canon MVX150i

Canon MVX2i

Canon 10

Canon 100MC

Canon 20

Canon 200MC

Canon 50MC

Canon Pi

Canon Xi

Canon G1

Canon G2

Canon G3

Canon G5

Canon Digital Rebel

Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS

Canon PowerShot Pro 1

Canon Pro 70

Canon PV130

Canon ZR-10

Canon ZR-20

Canon ZR-20MC

Canon ZR-25MC

Canon ZR-30MC

Canon ZR-40

Canon ZR-45

Canon ZR-45MC

Canon ZR-50

Canon ZR-50MC

Canon ZR-60

Canon ZR-65MC

Canon ZR-70MC

Canon ZR-90

Canon ZR-85

Canon ZR-80

Canon Optura 10

Canon Optura 100MC

Canon Optura 20

Canon Optura 200MC

Canon Optura 50MC

Canon Optura Pi

Canon Optura Xi

9200A001 Lithium ion Battery for Canon Camera BP-511

Price: $59.95 $8.95Discount: 85%Warranty: