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Toshiba PA3820U T215 Series 6-Cell Battery

PA3820U Battery for Toshiba T215 Series


Memory intensive multimedia and gaming applications will deplete your computer battery faster than you realize. If youve run out of juice on a long flight or while youre away from a power outlet, then you probably need a backup battery. At, we have the Toshiba T215 battery at a low price. These laptop batteries are built to OEM specifications and are made to perform exactly as the factory originals, but for a lower cost. Technologically advanced with built-in protection circuitry that monitors cell voltage and temperature, these 6-cell lithium-ion batteries are rated at 10.8V with 4400mAh capacity. This makes them ideal as spare or replacement batteries. Toshiba T215 laptops will operate more efficiently with a brand new battery, as batteries tend to deteriorate after a few years of use. With lithium-ion batteries, you can prolong the lifespan by recharging at 20-30 percent of capacity, rather than allowing the battery to fully deplete. Toshiba T215 battery life for a single charge can be maximized by using your computers power-saving features and by closing applications that are not in use. This PA3820U battery is compatible with other Toshiba models. See the individual product page for a complete list.

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