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Toshiba PA3615U Satellite Pro L40 6-Cell Battery

6-cell Toshiba PA3615U Battery


Even if you take good care of your lithium-ion laptop battery by avoiding excessive heat and moisture as much as possible and recharging it when it reaches 20-30 percent of its full capacity, after 3-5 years, theres a good chance it will begin to degrade. When your battery no longer holds a charge, its time to replace it. At, we sell premium quality laptop battery replacements that are manufactured to conform to OEM specifications. They work exactly like the factory originals but cost less. Our 6-cell Toshiba PA3615U battery has a capacity of 4400mAh and is rated at 10.8V. It is fully compatible with the Equium L40-156, Satellite L40-194 and many other models. See our compatible laptop models listing on the product pages. A 6-cell battery typically lasts for 2-3 hours between charges. Keeping your laptop screen dimmed when not in use and shutting down any unneeded programs will keep you up and running longer. If you plan on running a program that drains the battery more quickly, such as a graphics-intensive game or multimedia application, consider purchasing a spare battery to have available.

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6-cell Toshiba Satellite Pro l40 PA3615U-1BRM Battery 4400mAh
Price: $129.95
$34.96, 2/$66.42, 5/$162.56, 10/$314.64, 100/$2,971.60
6-cell Toshiba Satellite Pro l40 PA3615U-1BRM Battery 4400mAh PA3615U-1BRS
Price: $129.95