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Toshiba Satellite PA3451 6-Cell Battery

Toshiba Satellite PA3451 6-cell Battery


Your laptop will have plenty of power to last on that long flight with our fully compatible Toshiba Satellite PA3451 6-cell battery. Either to replace an aging battery or to have on hand as an extra, our premium lithium-ion laptop batteries perform just like the factory originals, since theyre manufactured to OEM specifications. Technological advancements in lithium-ion batteries, such as built in circuitry to monitor temperature and voltage, give greater performance than the older nickel-based batteries. To prolong the life of your new lithium battery, you should keep it away from excessive heat and moisture and recharge when its at 20-30 percent of full capacity. Calibrating your computers battery gauge after 30 discharge cycles will ensure accurate readings of remaining power available. Maximize the run time by using your laptops power saving features.

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Toshiba PA3400 Laptop Battery for Satellite A80 m45-s265
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$37.59, 2/$71.42, 5/$174.79, 10/$338.31, 100/$3,195.15
Toshiba Battery PA3478U-1BAS for Satellite M55 Tecra a7-s712
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