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IBM Lenovo Thinkpad x220b Replacement Batteries

Our 19 replacement batteries for the Lenovo ThinkPad X220 series also are compatible with the X220i series, and at incredibly low prices. Shop for your perfect match among these ThinkPad replacements: OA36281, BM X220B, 42T4861, 42T4862, 42T4863, 42T4875, 42T4867, 42T4876, 0A36317, 0A36282, 0A36306, 0A36283, 0A36316, 42T4901, 42T4902, 42Y4864, 0A36307, 0A36283, 0A36305 42T4873, 42T4940, 42T4942 and 42T4865. All are 100 percent OEM compatible. These 6-cell, 11.1-volt-rated replacement batteries feature the newest lithium-ion technology to be long lasting and with high energy density to ensure optimal performance for your ThinkPad. Each of our Lenovo ThinkPad battery replacements has a strength capacity of 4,400 mAh. Each comes with a 12-month warranty and optional three-year warranty extension. Contact us with any compatibility question. We’ll help you make an exact match. Shop USB Phone World for all your batteries and adapters. We carry popular AC adapters, memory upgrades, high-capacity batteries for laptops, cameras, mobile music and game players, and cell phones and smart phones. Check our Hot Deals page for price specials. We offer fast shipping, too.

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