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IBM Lenovo n100 Battery

IBM Lenovo n100 Battery


Whether you rely on your IBM ThinkPad N100 for work or school, your battery needs to be working at an optimal level to ensure device dependability. At USB Phone World, our ThinkPad N100 replacement batteries feature six li-ion cells designed using the latest in lithium technology. To ensure your device is always reliable and provides the most standby power, our ThinkPad N100 compatible batteries feature an output of 10.8v and a capacity of 4400mAh.

The replacement batteries are also compatible with numerous ThinkPad N200 and C200 series models. It is important to check the model number and battery partís number to ensure compatibility. Although our compatible batteries meet all OEM specifications of the original battery, they cost nearly 70 percent less than the original retail cost. Donít take chances with an old battery with a diminished capacity. Our replacement batteries are manufactured new and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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IBM 40Y8315 laptop battery for IBM Lenovo ThinkPad N100 Series
Price: $129.95
$27.94, 2/$53.09, 5/$129.92, 10/$251.46, 100/$2,374.90
IBM 92P1184 Batteryfor IBM Lenovo ThinkPad 3000 N100 3000 n200
Price: $129.95
$31.97, 2/$60.74, 5/$148.66, 10/$287.73, 100/$2,717.45